Old wine in new bottle 1

Q: What is the exact sign of a true music lover???

A: When he hears a beautiful female voice from bathroom he puts his ear on keyhole instead of his eyes….

In Jurassic era people used to tell this joke to me and i thrown this to you…
I’m a music lover but not a hard core one. But i have heard a vast range of music. From Manna dey to Javed Ali, from Arun Rajayguru to hans zimmer, from “Madhuban me radhika nache re” (soft classical) to “Why so serious” (Hard instrumental). And usually i enjoy them at night, with headphones or hands free… eyes close and immersing myself deep into that song. And that led me to some wild imaginations, kind of one song that turned into story…. Let me share some of them with you….

n.b. My imagination just starts after the name of song.

1. Jiya Jale (Dil Se….) : Shriraghavan, a 10th century tamil warrior leads his fleet to Singapore to atack them, and the story starts when he is on his way back to tamilnadu. He has a beauty with him whom he refereed as mala. And this song depicts how they are being attracted to each other.

I never understood why a girl from Singapore sings a Hindi song? And why most of the time mala is same preity zinta we saw in original song?.. Probably shriraghavan may cross Narmada to capture a north Indian state and brings back mala as a trophy to justify a Hindi song. That may be some logical.

2. Dekho na (Swades) : I never planned any story on that but when swades is released I was reading Ashwini Bhatt’s “Othar”. When I heard that song for the first time it was midnight on my terrace. When I read the pages in which Sejalsinh (Shahid Or Ranbir should play it) dating Sena Barnish (Amrita rao) in narmada’s bhedaghat the only song came in my mind was this.

3. Bhala bura (Aks) : I heartily liked two PC games. GTA and NFS most wanted. And NFS MW is the easiest to convert into a movie. And here is the altered story. Shreyas Talpade is having split personality one is doing a job on day time and other is racing with illegal local bike racers for the sake of some revenge. This song i think will be useful to roll out the starting credits and also to introduce the black side of S.T.

4. Aamir Climax theme : Suppose it’s mumbai’s time to vanish from world map, the city had already suffered a massive earthquake and now it is a tsunami….. every thing will be finished and our beloved city will be no more…. OK? now replace mumbai with any imaginary city with all your good thoughts fulfilled in it (In short IMAGINE A RAMRAJYA) and let it destroy it with this number….. (I named this city LOVELACE more on lovelace will be there)

Last for today

5. Warriors in piece : Hindi version (Warriors in piece : A Chinese movie in which Album composed by A,R Rahman) : A mystic beauty on the war field. Urging a warrior to drop his sword and follow her. She indicates a direction but warrior knows that there is a deep dessert there and there is no life in that wast area… what should he do? go behind a mystic and almost an imaginary girl? or just to continue the war that gave him nothing but bad memories?

So here is the part one from my fav song lists that cat be STRETCHED into movies. Part two later this weekend…

Last Note:
1. Remembered that quote i read from Jay Vasavada’s article
There is always a first love that indicates that there will be second love.


2. What i have written today is called art of STRETCHING, a useful tools for engineering students to write something in answer sheets. One of my favorite weapon in my arsenal throughout my college life