Biggest fear….

When your biggest fear chases you. Your throne and castles will be blown away within a minute.

Suddenly you realize that you have lost everything… Your past wasn’t with you and with your limited power in present you are sure you have already lost your future.

If you are coward, you wil cry and surrender to this fear. Suppose you are not coward but you are not prepared for it, you just make your way to your hideout. Regardless of how safe it is the mighty fear will chase you. Hit you and wil ask for a duel…. You have to pay something from your priceless treasure to shut it up. In future when you need it, you have to fight with him hard, but the bigger problem is…. facing it.

Everybody has a biggest fear. Even I have it, once surrenderd and once successfully ran away to hideout with scars on me. Probably it’s time to have a meeting with it. And this time I don’t have any option other than fight with it. I came back to regain that precious thing.

And here I have a strategy, to know about it and if possible, make friends with it because….

Friends are there to remove our fears, not to create them…

thanks for reading it…