Old wine in new bottle part 2

So i’m back as i told you in my last post, with some new songs, and this time i have included two international numbers too.

So without any more talks let me start

1. O humdum suniyo re (Saathiya) : Saathiya was the first ever album which i have heard before the movie is released. And whenever i heard this song the only thought came in my mind that in early morning a band is performing this song on a terrace or with huge crowd on a road. And then i come to know about Beatles.. and that started a new story… “Good morning Disney”, a story of band which is fully inspired by Beatles (A note: I had this idea in 2006,two years prior to rock on… however inspired from rock on, the current day of the story will be 10th anniversary of break up of “good morning Disney”)

And here is my situation of the song, will lead the movie to flashback and this song will be played in radio (on 7 am show), crediting to “good morning Disney” and camera will go to each place where a radio can be played early morning……..

now its upon you how you will imagine this song……….

2. O Saaya (Slumdog Millionaire) : I never understood why whole album with full of some world class instrumentals ignored and we the people only sing Jai Ho?? however this is not the point to be discussed here, so let’s resume. I have imagined this song as how “Good morning Disney”-the band-forms. From a singer, than a guitarist to keybaord player and drummer and finally a lead female voice…. all in order as the song has and to justify drum beats i set their meeting place in a warehouse behind railway lines (Partially inspired from SRK suchitra krisnamurti starrer “Kabhi haa Kabhi naa”). This song will end when they sing it on their first live show

3. Why So Serious (Batman the dark knight, Music Hans Zimmer): The number is not played as a single piece in the movie. And most of its part is played in the opening scene where joker robs the bank.Here is my story…. Recently I read in Wikipedia about Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon“. In which one story is told from different and conflicting view points.

And i’m planning this story with a highway adventure. A truck is being looted.. driver is thrown out. Truck is than brought to a warehouse to plant a bomb in it and later handed over to other one. The truck follows a limousine with a celeb passing from this highway, a documentary filmmaker is shooting his story from a helicopter right above the truck and the celeb is attacked with bomb in truck and later with a gunshot. This will be a story will be told from different perspectives. And this number (being 11 minutes long) will be played as a background music here…

4. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles) : This Beatles song is one of my most favorite songs specially for its catch line; “Look at all the lonely people”. Can you imagine as both positive and negative lines?

Recently seen George lukas’ “The American Graffiti” a story about some young people leaving their city for college, involve in dance,romance and some car racing. In this movie a character sees a blonde on his way to dance club and her one minute glimpse makes him fall in love and searching her throughout the movie. This is a subplot of the movie, what if this one is stretched to a movie in which they both meet in climax? I have put “Elanor rigby” in opening and end credits as negative and positive themes respectively.

5. Lathika’s theme Or Dreams on fire (Slumdog Millionaire) : Only difference in both songs is one is pure insturmental while other has words.

Remember my last post in which i have told you about a city in Aamir Climax theme song? This city is “Lovelace”. And the story will have a love story as main theme. Here is a short synopsis of the story: The lead pair is a university students boy is assisting a scientist as a side job and girl is professional graffiti artist, in the middle of the story the boy comes to know that their beloved city will ruin shortly and nothing can be saved… This song will be played as a background when the boy conveys this sad and shocking news to his girlfriend.

This is it. My list of some songs that inspired me to make a full story (though in development phase with framework ready)… However i wished to include two more songs here but i could not build any kind of story around them. However let me tell something about it.

Kilimanjaro (Robot) : Heard about Don Quixote? I imagined young Indian Don Quixote proposing his gf but it didn’t amused me much…….

Raat Ka nasha (Asoka) : Do one thing. Imagine Vidya Balan with her simple face instead of Kareena.Vidya looks more stunning here. But still not able to have a story around it…..

Waiting for your comments….

One note: If you have this kind of list will you share it with me?

Next Blog: 5 Hollywood movies surprisingly not plagiarized in bollywood…. (have the details of three… collecting some details about remaining two… a la empirestyle)


One thought on “Old wine in new bottle part 2

  1. your both part i read today, its good collectioni have some example of it, but some of this are now can't come in my mind, ok i share with u what in my mind and this is only my point of view to dedicated to not ur list but only for ur title OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE 1,one song from rock-on – na na nanana nana nanana u can listen this music in amitabhbachchan's DON, but in background music and it's tempo is faster, when one car running to another car, this track is playing

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