1 vs One, Comparision vs expression

There are two types of phenomena in this world. Number and word. In the other word 1 and one. For normal people there is no difference in this two, but I -the abnormal one- can see it easily, the former is the agent of comparison (Sounds like agent of chaos, isn’t it?) and the later is form of expression. And I hate comparisons.

Comparisons kill the man, and expressions are keeping them alive. E.g. The marks you got, runs you made, money you earned, targets you achieved, followers you have (not only on internet but also in real world, specially in *Mera bharat mahan*), even the numbers of songs you can play on radio station….. accepted that it can be the ignition to man’s success….. but more precisely I want to say it is like the cigarette, it gives joy in start but you can not hold it for infinite time. (Yes i know how to smoke but I am not a smoker). And eventually comparison kills what it called creativity that I still believe everybody has.

On other hand word give you full freedom. They are meant to be expressed. Meant to be sung, danced, written, said, acted, seen, painted, cooked…… each work with word drags you near perfection. However if you don’t want them it atleast can give you a joy if not forced to perform. And word is like the sky that will never going to fade from our eyes……

Just let me give one example. What if my favorite composer is called 2171724626 instead of A.r.rahman?? What would you call my college 71713644633746402655343 in stead of S.S.Engineering college? Don’t know about others but I will go mad by only remembering these two names.

Last note:
Interesting thought just come in my mind: 100000 and -100000 make a 0, but two songs on opposite side of thought process gives me double joy back to back(Tried with Gulzar saab’s “Aanevala pal” (Golmaal) and “Ibn-e-batuta”(Ishqiya) and enjoy both with equal joy). Like 100 and -100 made 200 without subtraction.

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